Nice-to-Have Camping Accessories That Can Fit in a Pocket

There are so many camping accessories available these days. Some, like sleeping bags and tents, are basically essential if you want to camp. Others, like lawn chairs, are nice to have, but certainly not essential. If you're limited on space, you may not want to bring too many larger, optional camping accessories. However, you might want to toss one or more of the following smaller accessories into your bag. None of these accessories are absolutely essential for the average camping trip, but they can be really nice to have.

A Bug Net

A bug net is a thin piece of netting, shaped like a hood, that you can pull over your head. This net will keep bugs from landing on your face and head. It's a great alternative to bug spray when you're in mosquito or black fly country.

Portable Ice Pack

Portable ice packs contain chemical solutions which, when mixed together, get very cold. You simply pop a little packet inside the portable ice pack, and the whole thing gets chilly. One of these packs can come in handy when you're camping. You can use it to ice a wound or keep food cold temporarily.

Microfiber Cloth

A microfiber rag is another simple camping accessory worth packing. Microfiber is really absorbent. You can use the rag to wipe off a seat before you sit down. You can also use it to dry your hands, clean off your face, or for any number of incidental reasons.

Head Lamp

If you have a flashlight, you're already decently equipped to handle the dark. But if you have a little extra space in your pockets, you may want to also shove a headlight in there. It's sometimes nice to have light without having to hold it with your hands. Plus, if your flashlight batteries die, you have a backup.


You can eat with your hands if you need to, but bringing along a portable spork will make things nicer. You can use it either as a spoon or as a fork. Look for one with a little cover so it won't get dirty in your pocket. Plastic sporks weigh less than metal ones.

If you have space to bring along these little accessories, they will make your camping trip even better. Keep an eye out for them the next time you're in a camping store or shopping for camping gear online.

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