Handy Features For A Portable Sink

It's important to have a plan for how you'll wash your dishes when you camp. While you might be thinking about using some paper plates that you can burn in the campfire, you'll still have cutlery and various other items that you'll want to wash. Some people wash their dishes in the river or lake near their campsite, but it's generally not advisable to put food scraps and detergent in any natural body of water. Instead, you can buy a portable sink at any camping goods store. There are lots of these products available, and the best ones offer these features.

Collapsible Design

You don't want to be carrying a bulky sink when you're camping—especially if you need to hike to reach your campsite. It's ideal if your portable sink has a collapsible design. These sinks have soft sides, which allows them to collapse when they're empty. In its collapsed form, one of these sinks will be thin enough to easily fit in any of your backpacks. It also won't take up much space in your vehicle, which you'll appreciate if you're traveling with a lot of camping goods.

Rubber Base

When you shop for a portable sink, you'll want to assess the base design of a few different models. Some portable sinks have a rubber base, while others have a base that is made of plastic. The rubber style is a lot better because of the high level of grip it provides. When you set the portable sink down on a flat surface such as a picnic table, you want to be confident that it will remain in place rather than slide around. A rubber base will keep the sink stationary so that there's no risk of it sliding off the surface and spilling its contents.

Large Volume

Portable sinks are available in several different volumes. While a smaller sink might be enticing because it won't take up as much space in your gear, it can be challenging to wash dishes in a sink that is too small. Try to choose a larger portable sink, as this will make dishwashing easier. It will also allow you to soak a large quantity of cutlery and dishes before you wash them, which will cut down on your washing time. Keep these handy features in mind when you shop for a portable sink at a sporting goods store that specializes in camping equipment.

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