3 Waterfront RV Parks Features Ideal For Remote Workers

If you work remotely, then you have the opportunity to travel and still get a lot of your work completed. When you book a stay at a waterfront RV park, you have the opportunity to look into month-long stays and extend your time in a hidden gem that features old Florida-style camping. While you camp and relax, you also want to ensure you can complete your work as well.

Check out some of the waterfront RV resort features that will cater directly to remote workers and allow you to perfectly blend vacation life and work life.

1. Wi-Fi Access

Even the many rustic RV parks will offer guests Wi-Fi access across the RV park. Wi-Fi access gives you the opportunity to connect online and complete work tasks like emails or video meetings. You do not need to waste cell phone data and can connect the devices you need.

Wi-Fi access typically extends across the RV park, but you can request a spot close to the Wi-Fi routers so you will always have a good connection and do not need to worry about completing work tasks.

2. Vehicle Options

Along with a spot for your RV, many waterfront parks will offer an extra spot for another vehicle. Having access to another vehicle can provide essential needs for remote workers. For example, you may need to go to a post office to mail documents. You may need to go to a print shop to print out documents. You may have to attend meetings in person.

With easy parking options, you can leave the RV park for work needs and then come back to relax at your campsite when the workday ends. An RV park helps you find balance between it all.

3. Picnic Table Areas

Along with table options inside your RV, you may want to enjoy Florida weather while you park. Many RV parks will offer picnic table areas on each campsite. You can drape a tablecloth over a picnic table and turn the area into an ideal workstation. When located underneath a tree, you will have plenty of shade to see screens and get your work done.

A picnic table offers an alternate option and allows you to work exactly how you want when you stay at an RV park for an extended amount of time. Some RV parks may also have public areas with more picnic table options to choose from.

Book a longer stay at a waterfront recreational vehicle resort and see how you can adapt to your own unique remote work style.

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